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Miscellaneous Information

ClarkeMcFarlaneSiteMr. McFarlane has over 35 years of engineering experience. He came to Ensign Engineering in 1998 with 18 years of experience with West Jordan City. He was Assistant City Engineer from 1981 to 1987, at that time he was promoted to City Engineer and acted in that role until 1998. In 1981 when Mr. McFarlane started with West Jordan City it had a population of around 22,000. While under his engineering direction and care, West Jordan blossomed into a metropolitan suburb with a population of over 66,000 with an upgraded infrastructure and transportation system including master plans for transportation, water, sewer and storm drain systems. Many system upgrades had been designed and constructed to keep pace with the extreme growth, the pavement condition for the overall roadway network had improved because of the strong emphasis on budgeting for an adequate pavement maintenance program and many other facilities systems upgrades. As a Senior Project Manager for Ensign, Mr. McFarlane has managed municipal, institutional, residential and commercial projects of all types and sizes. He has a strong background in the management of a wide verity of projects including transportation capacity improvements, roadway maintenance and pavement improvements, utility and storm drainage system design improvements, the detailed preparation of the bidding documents and technical specifications, project observation during the course of construction and project closeout.

Clarke is located at our Sandy Office.