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Miscellaneous Information

DougKinsman1SiteDoug Kinsman began his career in the military in 1986 in construction surveyor training and survey equipment repair. He joined Ensign in 1995 and further developed his experience and education working with various survey equipment and managing projects throughout the State of Utah. He was licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor in Utah in 1999, and became a principal in the Firm in 2000. He was elected as the Tooele County Surveyor in 2002 and is currently holding that position. After completing a 1 year tour of duty in Iraq for the Army in 2004, where he worked on various engineering and surveying projects throughout the country of Iraq, he retired from military service in 2007. Additionally he is an active member of the Utah Association of Counties (UAC) and has served as the president of the County Surveyors Association from 2010 to 2012. He has also been an active member of the Utah Council of Land Surveyors (UCLS) and has served on the councils Legislative Committee. Since receiving his survey license in Utah in 1999, he also received a surveying license in Idaho in 2010. Currently three of his six sons have joined the military, two of which are married and have two grandchildren each. He enjoys spending his spare time with his family and his grandchildren that takes him all over the country.


 Douglas is located at our Tooele Office.