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Miscellaneous Information

DavidAlterSiteDave Alter has been a principal with Ensign since 1995, and became Vice President in 1999. He is licensed as a Professional and/or Structural Engineer in 30 states, and has completed projects in Rome and Honduras as well. As a structural engineer, Dave has completed many diverse projects, although his favorites are the specialty┬Ł projects, where creative solutions are required to achieve the desired outcome. Dave has also been the civil engineer of record for many projects, including storm water routing, detention and retention basin designs, SPCC Plans, MSE, gravity, and cantilevered retaining wall designs, and forensic investigations of building settlement issues. His combined civil and structural expertise has enabled him to understand a wider range of possible solutions to some very unique and challenging problems. After all, no two projects are alike! Dave enjoys boating with his family, although lately his favorite pastime is spending time with his seven grandchildren!


Vice President

David is located at our Sandy Office