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Miscellaneous Information


Fred has over 40 years of broad engineering experience including planning and design for municipal infrastructure, and water resource projects, as well as residential, commercial, industrial, and large resort development projects.  He has also been responsible for the planning and design of large irrigation storage reservoirs and ponds to pressurize secondary irrigation systems; flood detention dams and basins; concrete diversion dams and canals; computer modeling for water distribution system hydraulic analysis; pump stations, PRV stations, piplines; and design of reinforced concrete reservoirs.  

Fred has been the project manager and principal-in-charge of water and wastewater treatment facilities, large sewage lift stations, sewage collection systems, and trunk lines.  His experience also includes engineering and directing hydrogeologic studies for the development of groundwater supplies and many complex water rights transfers for municipalities, irrigation companies, resorts, and industries.  He has assisted water rights attorneys with preparation of applications for appropriation, change applications, exchange applications, and proof documents necessary for certification of water rights.  His work includes computing required annual water rights volumes and peak day water right demands for municipal, domestic, irrigation, industrial, and snowmaking uses.  Fred has also performed expert witness testimony for water right attorneys for numerous water right hearings before State Engineers in Utah and Nevada.  

Outside of work, Fred enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, cycling, fishing, camping, and a little golf.

Fred is located at our Sandy Office